How to Tell If Clams Are Bad to Eat?


The easiest way to tell if clams are bad to eat is to tap on their shell. If they do not close up, they are dead and there is a good chance they will not be good to eat. Clams should be cooked soon after bringing them home.
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To tell if a clam is bad to eat make sure that they are not open when you buy or harvest your own clams. This could indicate that the clam has died which could make you very sick.
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1. Inspect the exterior of the clams. Discard clams with broken or cracked shells because they may harbor bacteria. 2. Check each shell to make sure it is tightly closed. Clam shells
Nothing too bad really you could get food poisoning but those only last for a day or two.
Clams & mussels in the shell are still alive.If the shell is gaping...
If you can't see & smell ROTTING meat,you'll have to starve.
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