How to Tell If Fish Is Bad?


The best and easiest way to tell if fish is fresh or has gotten too old and is bad is by smelling it. Fresh fish should have very little fishy odor to it. The flesh will be firm when you push on it and there should be no areas that are discolored.
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1. Follow your nose. When fish goes bad, it generally develops a strong fishy smell. Some fish already smells pretty strong to begin with, however, so you need to know how good fish
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the type of fish is pollack.
1. Check the "Do Not Sell" date on the chicken's package before you buy it. It's the easiest and simplest way to confirm whether it should be eaten. While you can still
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If fish is bad, it will have an extremely strong smell. It will smell very fishy, while fresh fish will only have a moderate smell. It will also be discolored, usually grey or brown.
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