How to Tell If Ivory Is Real?


To know if an ivory is real simply heat it up. If it opposes the heat and leaves an offensive smell then it is considered to be real.
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Plastic and resins are usually smoother than real ivory. Looking at bone under magnification you will see a lot of pitting something that real ivory will not have. The hot pin test
1. Test the weight of the ivory. Real ivory is heavy, and a resin or cast won't be as heavy as the real thing. If the piece of ivory feels heavy, then chances are you're dealing with
Identifying real pearls can only be truly done by a certified professional. There are certain test you can do at home like the sun test and examining the holes that were drilled but
1 Hold the piece in your hand and feel its weight. Ivory feels heavy and dense when you hold it in your hand. Think of the weight of a billiard ball, which ivory has been used to
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Hi, I would like to share a bit of information with you to help you determine if your item (scrimshaw, whale tooth, tusk, etc.) is made from real ivory or merely ...
Ivory is actually the natural tooth of an animal.Look at the piece carefully under a magnifying glass. Under a 10x magnifier, ivory will have visible striations ...
Ivory is formed on the elephant's tusks in layers. To tell if an item is real ivory or not, one must look for a striated pattern, or lines in the ivory. This ...
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