How to Tell if Jeans are Fake?


A good way to tell if jeans are fake or real, is to look at the material of the jeans. Fake jeans will be made of a cheap material. Look at the stitching as well. If it's straight, or neat, they may be real.
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1. Examine the tag on the jeans. If the tag is powder blue with a silver ball chain, it is a fake. 2. Look at the crystals on the back pockets, if there are any. The crystals should
Look in the back.If it has a somewhatcursive g,then chances are,they're real.But if the g's really fancy,and you can't really recognize it,then they're probably fake.I own tons of
1. Contact your dentist and ask for information detailing the composition and source of your gold crown. Dentists should keep this information on file and have it readily available.
1. Inspect the box. Authentic Birkenstocks have a photograph of the actual shoe style on the outside of the box. You may also want to open up the box to make sure the shoe inside
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To tell if jeans are fake or counterfeit, you must first know what the real thing look like. Brands very, and if you wear a particular brand, you should look for tell-tale signs of shoddy craftsmanship (shoddy stitching that's not reinforced, tags that have uneven sewing, loose threads, etc.).
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