How to Tell If Silver Is Real?


You can easily tell if the silver is real by, for example, a ring, look for the numbers: 925, on the inner part of the ring. You can also check if a silver is real by soaking it into a water and lemon solution. If the silver fades, it is fake. If it does not, then it is real. How to tell if it's fake or not: How to tell if it's real sterling silver.
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1. Polish your dish to uncover any obscured engravings or patterns. 2. Look for signs of the word "sterling" or the numbers "925" or "92.5" - all are
You show it to an expert and they'll tell you.
1. Check your purse for authenticity tags and logos. Prada purses have tags, embossed logos and hardware that most counterfeit bags do not duplicate. Clues such as a straight leg
1. Look at the top of the pen cap for a star with six points. If there is no star, the star is blurred or has a different number of points, the pen is probably not an authentic Montblanc
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An easy way to tell if silver is real is to rub a little diluted bleach on the item. If it does not turn a dark black like color, then it is not real.
To tell is silver is real you should take it a jewelry store where they can test it. You can also tell if the silver bends easily. If it does then it is a fake.
Silver is real when it is stamped with the word Sterling or 925. This is stamped into the metal. If you are referring to coins, look for ones made in 1964 and earlier. This does not hold true with ancient coins, of course.
It is important to know whether your silver coins are real so that you are not taken advantage of for their true value. You can test your silver against six tests to make sure you pay the correct price or charge the correct price for your silver items.
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