How can you tell if someone is pregnant?


It is hard to be able to tell if someone is pregnant without testing them or asking them. Some signs are if the person is showing a physical change such as a if the person is thin and only has a round belly also some women will put their hands on their belly without even realizing they are doing it when they know they are pregnant. Some other signs can be frequent trips to the bathroom ,cutting back on caffeine and alcohol.
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1. Look for signs of the mother-to-be feeling sick. Early on many women experience morning sickness. Ad. 2. Notice if she is acting differently (hormonal changes) if she is nervous,
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The cessation of menstruation or missed periods is one of the earliest signs a woman is pregnant, since the egg, which descends during the menstrual cycle, has been fertilized. A
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How to Tell if Someone is Pregnant
One of the life's most awkward moments occurs when you ask a woman when she is due and find out she is not pregnant. To prevent this from happening, there are a few things you can do to determine if she is pregnant before asking. Physical attributes are... More »
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