How to Tell If Something Is Real Crystal?


One way to tell if something is real crystal and not just glass is to feel the weight of it. Crystal is noticeably heavier and thicker. You can also hold it up to the light. Crystal has a sparkling effect when held up to the light and glass does not.
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1. Inspect the angles on the crystal. They should be symmetrical to each other. 2. Notice any bubbles or scratches. These are indications that the crystal is fake. 3. Keep the crystal
if you scrach it against glass. If its real the glass will be scratched.
Hold it up to a brite light. if it has a sparkler effect (looks like bright light shards are flashing) it is crystal. do this with something you know is glass and you will see the
Real crystals can reflect prisms of light. When light passes through the
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The best way of how you can tell a real crystal from a fake one is to hold it into natural light. Sunlight will sparkle much cleaner and crisp in a real crystal ...
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