How to tell if the ignition switch is bad?


A tell tell sign that a ignition switch had gone bad is the dashboard lights. When your car stalls, the lights on the dashboard will shut off. The speedometer and tachometer will also go off but will come on again. Another symptom of a bad ignition is the vehicle itself not starting. The engine may have to be turned over several times before the engine actually starts which drains your battery. Another sign is a hot ignition. This means the probably could be electrical.

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The ignition switch powers up different functions in your car so quite a few different symptoms can occur if the switch is bad. You may have a problem with the car starting and then stalling. The area around the switch could feel hot to the touch. Some of the cars accessories may not work. These are only a few of the possible symptoms. You can find more information at
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1. Insert your car key into the ignition and turn it to the "ON" position (do not try to "crank" the ignition or start the car) 2. Look for a red warning light
For the starting position, test the voltage at the starter solenoid (small wire) when the key is at the start position. A test light can also be used. Be careful because there is
check for voltage at starter with key tunred to start. Please see my tip at . These are generic instructions. If you
if you mechanic hooked up a scanner (diagnostic computer) he should be able to tell more than if spark plugs are good. as all sensors input to vehicle computer will be visible.maybe
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Two symptoms of a bad ignition switch are: 1) Your head lights and dashboard lights will go on but your vehicle will not start. 2) Your car may take several attempts ...
One way of determining if an ignition switch is bad on a lawn tractor is by switching it on and receive no response from it. You may also try a bypass connection ...
There are several different signs of a bad ignition switch. The first sign would be that the car is having trouble starting. ...
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