How to Tell If the Inner or Outer Tie Rod End Is Bad?


The only way you can tell if an inner or outer tie rod end is bad is by pulling the wheel and looking inside. If the tie rod end is bad you will be able to see the crack or broken seals. Some tie rods are a combined assembly and replace in one piece. Be sure to have your VIN number handy when ordering your parts so the part store can tell if your car has a combined assembly or inner and outer tie rod ends need to be replaced separately.
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Inner and outer tie rod connections operate in harmony and are responsible for the overall maneuvering of a car. Tie rods are greased on the ends when they are installed or replaced
There is no specific answer to this question, because every mechanic define his/her labor charges and adjusts to cover overhead costs . I myself would charge 30 per hour plus cost
Jack up the car, take your hand and put it around the outer tie rod and see if there is any up and down movement where it goes through the spindle. If you dont feel any movement up
222,000 miles? that's a good vechile so far! anyways, do some price checking. new rack and pinions come with the inner tie rods. so if it's like 50 more for the whole assembly, i
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