How to Tell If Torque Converter Is Bad?


How to tell if your torque converter is bad: your vehicle stalls when selecting a forward or backwards gear, or when you stop, you have to rev to keep the engine from stalling, the check engine light is lit, your car shudders.
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1. Enter the vehicle and engage the ignition using the key. Roll down the window and use your ears to listen to the sounds that are coming up from the transmission. Upon an initial
Hard to start, no power, poor fuel mileage.
A symptom of a torque converter going bad is the vehicle stalling when selecting a forward gear, reverse gear or slowing down to a full stop. This happens because it is in lock-up
The locking torque converter is not unlocking when it should.
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A bad torque converter will often times prevent a vehicle from developing sufficient power. Vehicle engine power is maximized only when the transmission, which ...
A torque converter transfers the power from the car's engine to the transmission. Because it converts the engine's power to force which moves the car, it is important ...
When a torque converter goes bad, it cannot energize the drive axle as effectively. You will notice an unusual shrieking noise, the car acting sluggish, or chugging ...
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