How can you tell if a watermelon is bad?


To tell if a watermelon fruit is bad, you should look for areas of mold or dark brown or black spots. If the melon has been cut, look for signs of slime and discoloration. You can also smell the melon and any sour or foul odour indicates that the melon is spoilt.
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There are many different ways to tell if you have ripe watermelon. The first key indicator of a ripe watermelon is the color. If your watermelon is firm and dark green then you've
1. Inspect the melon prior to purchase. Choose solid melons with no external cuts or damage. Ripe melons have a yellow or cream spot on the bottom. Avoid the melon if the spot is
It is ripe if you slap it with the palm of your hand and it vibrates as if it is hollow. You can also pluck it and get the same responce from the melon.
1. Go to a local market or grocery store. Ad. 2. Find a good sized specimen. 3. Give the watermelon a good shake. If you hear water or juices running around, put that one away. This
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How to Tell If a Watermelon Is Bad
Watermelons are abundant during the summer season. The large fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness. After you harvest or purchase a fresh watermelon, it has a limited storage life. Storing the watermelon past its storage life can cause it to... More »
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