How can I tell if yarn is wool or acrylic?


The most obvious way to tell if yarn is wool or acrylic is to read the label on the skein of yarn or article of clothing, according to Crochet Spot. Texture can also provide a clue, as can observing how the yarn reacts to fire.

Acrylic yarn is usually coarse, while wool yarn is typically fuzzy or hairy. However, some acrylic is made to imitate wool, so this is not always reliable. Holding the end of a long piece of yarn over a match can indicate whether it has acrylic in it. If the yarn continues to burn after you remove the flame, it is acrylic or a high-acrylic blend. If it immediately dies out, it is probably wool.

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1. Find the labels that went with the yarn. It sounds obvious, but this will be the most reliable and accurate way to find out. Keep your ball bands on the yarn balls with elastic
1. Light a match. 2. Hold the match to the end of the yarn to singe it. Wool will be slow to ignite and give a distinct odor of burned hair. Acrylic, which is made of petroleum, will
If you get a little tiny piece a put a lighted match to it, the acrylic would melt but the wool would smoulder.
Pour a small cup of bleach. Snip a piece of yarn and place in bleach. If it's wool, it will disintegrate in about 10 minutes or less. Acrylic will stay alive. Of course a blend will
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