How to Tell If You Are Anemic?


To find out if you are anemic, have your doctor do a simple blood test. Being anemic means you have low iron levels in your system. This can be prevented by taking more iron or eating foods high in iron.
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1. Look at the facial color. "Looking pale can be a sign of anemia because fewer red blood cells are flowing through the blood vessels, reports the website Kids Health. 2. Check
Well main clues that tell if someone is anemic on the physical appearance are that the skin becomes pallor from pink, whitening of eyes also turn pale and in severe cases nails become
Fatigue, pale skin, a fast or irregular heartbeat, shortness of
Go to the doctor and the doctor would be able to tell u if u r one or not!
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When a person is anemic, it means that they have low iron in their blood. You can tell if you are anemic by looking at your skin tone. If you are very pale, it ...
Anemia is a medical condition when there is low iron in the blood. There are a number of different quizzes that can tell you if you are anemic or not. There are ...
If you have an 11.9 red blood count and you think that you are anemic, then it is best that you consult your doctor and find out what he or she tells you. ...
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