How to Tell If You Are Straight or Gay?


To tell if you are straight or gay wait until you are an adult to even try to figure that out. Once you are an adult it will become apparent to you if you are attracted to men or women.
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If you are gay, you will probably know it. Someone who is gay is attracted to memebers of the same sex. For example, a gay man only dates other men.
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Establish whether the potential for homosexuality is there. Sometimes it is not as obvious as one would hope. You have to be hyper aware of the telltale signs. Although it is an unpleasant
There is only one way to find out if someone is gay. Ask them and if
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Guys who are gay come in all sizes, shapes and behaviors, just as do straight guys. Although there are many popular stereo types for the behavior of men who prefer ...
The best way is to just sit down with your parents and tell them straight out. The dealing with it is the hard part but you have to remember one thing, it is ...
Some people think that if a guy isn't interested in you or won't put out, then he must be gay. But, that surely isn't the case. If he only seems interested in ...
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