How to Tell If You Have Broken Your Knuckle?


Signs of a broken knuckle include deformity, depressed knuckles, inability to move the finger, tenderness and also the finger crosses over the next when making a partial fist. The best way to tell whether you have a broken knuckle is to have an x-ray taken.
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Broken knuckles are most commonly caused from punching an object. A broken knuckle will be swollen and bruised, and often look distorted or bent. The best thing to do is to visit
1. Wash any open wounds, such as cuts and scrapes, with hot water and dish soap or hand soap, or a similar antiseptic product. You must do this immediately after the injury to reduce
It will be bruised and swollen. An x-ray will tell you if it is broken
you prob just sprained it badly ... i had a boxer fracture , & i didnt even know i did , but the sweeling was consistent & so was the pain ... if its starting to feel better
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The only way to positively tell if you've broken your knuckle is to have it an x-ray taken. The signs however include swelling, tenderness, deformity, inability ...
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