How to Tell If Your Cat Is Male or Female?


The best method to tell the gender of a cat is by looking below the base of its tail. A male cat that has not been neutered has two hairy testicles just below the anus and a penis below the testicles. Similarly, both spayed and intact female cats will have a genital opening, which is regularly seen as a tear-drop shape located below the anus.
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Both male and female cats can look and even act the same after they are spayed or neutered; there is almost no way to tell the two sexes apart by considering personality, size, color
The average person cannot because sex is very difficult to tell in chicks but, their are actual 'chicken sexers' that specialize in this. The way to tell is the feathers grow different
Guy cats have a fat butt pouch. Girls do not.
1 Do some measuring . Males are noticeably smaller than females in most species of frog. A typical male frog is one and one half to two and one quarter inches long from head to bottom
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