How to Tell If Your Dog Is Retarded?


To know if your dog had a mental handicap of any kind can be tricky. You would need to observe it's behavior and talk to your veterinarian. You need to remember that dogs don't think or act like humans. If you expect them to, you will be disappointed. You need to have patience and love when working with and training your dog.
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That is a bit complicated but you will want to give your dog a preliminary exam involving reflex and responses. Snap your fingers and see if your dog follows the noise. Call your dog with a treat and see if he obeys. If your dog is young, then he is not retarded just untrained. If your dog is older and acting different then he has normally acted then he may have suffered brain damage for some reason.
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If you feel as though your dog may have a mental disorder you should see
Mental retardation in dogs is almost unknown in the medical literature. Problems such as you are describing are always owner-related. You both need a good trainer.
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