How to Tell If Your Hamster Is Pregnant?


If you have a male and a female put in a cage together, than chances are she's going to be pregnant. Female's go into heat every 4 days and this attracts the male to her -- which then leads to impregnating. Hamsters pregnancy only lasts 16 days, so it's hard to notice the belly at all until the last day when it looks the size of a golf ball. You can find more information here:
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1. Observe your female hamster's behavior. In the early stages of pregnancy, many females will begin to display nest-building behavior or may seem unusually anxious or nervous. This
1) Her nipples will start showing. 2) She will start gaining weight. 3) She will start creating a nest and hiding her food.
Is she nesting? Then yes.
1. Be aware of the possible signs of hamster pregnancy. Besides having kept the hamster in with a male hamster, the following signs may be present: The hamster may become irritable
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How Can I Tell If My Hamster Is Pregnant?
If your pet hamster is pregnant, you'll want to recognize the signs as soon as possible in order to provide her with the best possible care. And, of course, you will want to be ready to help your little friend to care for her new babies.... More »
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You can tell if your dwarf hamster is pregnant several different ways. You may notice that she is nesting more, and eating and drinking more. Several days before ...
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