How can you tell if your relationship is falling apart?


When relationships are in trouble, the people involved usually feel that things aren't going well according to eHarmony. It's this feeling of doom or dread that is the first indicator that a relationship is failing. In addition to a gut feeling, however, most relationships have tangible signs of distress long before either person realizes something is wrong.

Some of the most severe signs of relationship trouble include lying, controlling behavior, avoidance, substance abuse, anger, infidelity, codependency and apathy. All of these signs are obvious and often bring an end to the relationship. However, according to Relevant Magazine many relationships don't show such obvious signs of distress. Rather, small issues such as communication failures point to trouble in paradise in most relationships.

For most people, relationship troubles can include jealousy, fighting unfairly, negative thinking, constant cries for attention, lack of time for each other and feeling unsupported, according to AskMen. In all of these examples, one or both partners are not having their emotional needs met. When this occurs, it's human nature to act out and focus on what's wrong with the relationship. This only serves to emphasize the problems within the relationship. However, if both parties can communicate and come to an understanding, these issues are not insurmountable.

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