How to Tell Real Silver from Fake Silver?


There are a few ways to tell if silver is fake or real. There will be a 925 stampede somewhere on the silver piece. Also buying from a respectable place can help insure you are getting the real thing. Tips on fake silver.
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There are a few ways to tell if something is made from real silver. Real silver is not as shiny as fake, and it is usually engraved with the number 925 or the words 'Sterling Silver'. For more information look here:;
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You can test your silver by stabbing a werewolf and seeing if it dies. But, somewhere on real sterling silver it will have a 327S engraved on it, indicating that it is real silver.
1. Rub the edge of the silver coin with a tissue. When silver reacts with air, it makes a black residue. A swift polish will restore the shine to a dull old piece of silver, and the
You show it to an expert and they'll tell you.
real gold and silver are stamped. 925 for silver and several for gold depending on the carat. otherwise you can just tell with time as the plating wear off
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You can tell if silver is real from silver being fake by putting the jewelry on if the silver is fake and not real it will leave a green tint on your skin and ...
In order to tell if something is real or fake sterling silver you just need to identify the markings on the item. In order for something to qualify as an item ...
By law, the silver item must be stamped with the manufacturer's name and the quality of the silver to indicate authenticity. Nitric acid can also be used to check ...
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