How to Tell Someone They Did Not Get the Job?


It is great being a boss. However there are down sides to every job. Many bosses do not like having to tell people they were not hired. There are several ways you can handle this. You can send out a standard letter to all the applicants that you did not hire. You could take the route of not saying anything. If you felt there were one or two applicants that deserved the job but did not get it you could call them personally to let them know that you chose someone else but you will keep them in mind for future positions.
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How to Tell Someone They Did Not Get the Job
No one wants to hear that she didn't get the job. As a human resources manager or small business owner, it's up to you to tell the candidate. There are more people searching for jobs in this economy, which means there will be more chances of turning... More »
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I'd be against asking someone to quit like that, especially if I wasn't their superior. Instead, I'd focus on providing constructive criticism so that they could perform their job
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