How to Tell the Difference between a Toy Rat Terrier and a Chichuchua?


Rat terriers are muscular dogs. They are good working dogs and look very similar to the Chihuahua breed. Although the looks are very similar between the Rat Terrier and the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua body is is longer than that of a Rat Terrier. Chihuahua's tend to be dominant and can latch onto their owners. Rat Terriers are more fun loving dogs that tend to like outsiders as well as their owners.
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fox terriors and fox terriors. Rat Terriers and Toy Fox Terriers are DEFINITELY not the same, although they have a common background and some Rat Terrier's have Toy Fox Terrier's
The Rats are usually have shorter legs and they are a little more stocky than the Foxes. Other than that they are extremely similar.
One of the first signs of a pregnancy in your dog will be her nipples turning very pink. This usually occurs about 3 weeks after the mating has occurred. You will also notice some
My Toy Rat Terrier is in heat and after we let her out to potty we noticed a male dog hanging around the yard he was a small similar type dog. So I was wondering if he has got to
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