How to Tell the Quality of Diamonds?


You can tell the quality of diamonds using the basic 4 C's. You should consider the colour, the cut, the clarity and carat weight. The cut involves two aspects, the shape and the quality. The colour will vary from colourless to a mild yellow shade while the carat is quite a complex measuring system.
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Their are many diamonds that appear to look like their real. The best way to tell is to put the diamond in a bright light. If the diamond only gives off a little sparkle and shine
1. Observe the diamond and pay attention to how much it sparkles. Any diamond will sparkle, but those with a good cut will have an unmatched brilliance and radiance. Compare the diamond
To the naked eye there may not be a discernible way to tell if you are looking at a real or fake diamond. The best thing to do is take it to a jeweler or appraiser to find out what
Clarity enhanced diamonds are real, mined diamonds that have had their clarity/quality improved by cleaning and cloaking any visible imperfections in the diamond. Clarity enhanced
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To tell the quality of diamonds you need to look at four things, the cut, the clarity, the color, and the shape. For cut, you are looking for the shape that is ...
There are several different things to look at when trying to decide the quality of a sapphire. Just like diamonds you will want to look at the clarity and the ...
To tell if a diamond is real, do the fog test. Have the diamond in front of your mouth and fog it. If it stays fogged for 2to 4 seconds then it is a fake. For ...
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