How to Tell What Kind of Dog You Have?


To know the kind of dog you have, compare its features with a list of dog breeds with photos. Check out to know more.
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Kennel club-registered dogs compete in breed conformation events for breed champion status. In these shows the dog's overall appearance is judged against the ideal breed standard,
1. Watch for the initial signs of bloat: a lack of interest in food and water, lack of energy, restlessness, unproductive vomiting, salivating - which may be heavy - and groaning
1. Compare the size of the two dogs. As the shih tzu breed was created by crossing Lhasa apsos with Pekingese dogs, shih tzus are smaller than Lhasas. However, Lhasa apsos have a
1. Place a plastic bag on your hand. Pick up a small amount of the dog's feces and examine it for expelled worms. 2. Look for tapeworm segments which are 1/4 inch long, flat and whitish-tan
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To know if your dog had a mental handicap of any kind can be tricky. You would need to observe it's behavior and talk to your veterinarian. You need to remember ...
To tell if an old dog is dying, you will find that it is experiencing uncontainable vomiting and diarrhoea. Other symptoms include low energy level as well as ...
There are quite a few breeds of dogs that have hair not fur. The Chinese Crested, poodle, Airedale, yorkie, bearded collie and Portuguese water dog all have hair ...
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