How to Tell When a Mollie Is Ready to Give Birth?


The black spot on the molle's belly will begin to grow as the babies grow inside her. When her stomach and the black spot becomes extremely large she is ready to give birth.
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1. Isolate your female mollies so you can examine them one by one. Place the female mollie in a fish tank away from the males, with other females or by itself. Note that the female
She will be bloated and she is very likely to be making short dashes for no apparent reason. She will hover in various places in the tank with her fins vibrating quite rapidly and
A day or two before birth, the bottom of the abdomen flattens and from the side it looks like the mother is turning into a rectangle on the bottom. The old time fish keepers call
There are several signs a cat is going into labor (around the
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How to Tell When a Mollie Is Ready to Give Birth
Mollies are simple fish to keep alive and will breed in a variety of conditions, which makes them perfect for the first time fish keeper. A mollie that has bred will usually produce its young in about 30 days after the breeding takes place. You can help... More »
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It is not always easy to tell when a Mollie is ready to give birth. You will be able to see some swelling in the abdomen. The fry will come out quickly from the vent.
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You can tell if a Molly fish is pregnant if you can see the bulge in the stomach. Usually, they are pregnant for around one month. The birth rate for these fish ...
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