How can you tell when mushrooms are spoiled?


Fresh mushrooms are light in color, dry and have an earthy scent. If the mushrooms start to darken, look dried out or slimy or have a an ammonia smell, they're bad.
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1. Smell the mushrooms carefully. Fresh mushrooms have an earth-like smell. If you smell ammonia or a foul odor, discard the mushrooms. 2. Look at the texture of the mushrooms. Discard
The same way for any food product: a change in color, smell, texture, or flavor (usually for the worse) Visible patches of mold or bacterial growth.
1 Sniff it . Think about the normal smell of it, and if it smell really bad or unusual, throw it out. If it smells okay, it should be okay. If it smells normal, congratulations. 2's-Spoiled
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The ways to tell if a mushrooms is spoiled or not is to see if they are slimly, have wrinkles, and if they are trying darker or have dark sports on them.
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