How to Tell a Corn Snake Gender?


To tell the gender of a corn snake, you check its underside just beyond the anal plate. Male snake's tail is stout for a good portion of the length of the tail before it starts to taper. A male snake has a two prolonged hemipenes that lie behind its vent. For the females, the tail tapers quickly past the anal plate.
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how you tell the different gender of a corn snake is the thickness of their tail if it thin it a girl but if its fatish it a male.
1. Restrain the snake. Juvenile snakes can be held entirely in your secondary hand. For larger snakes, have an assistant hold the snake's body. For snakes that are prone to biting
The best method is to probe the corn snake, that's the only 100% way of telling. A person that knows how to do it properly wil insert a small, lubricated probe into the snakes vent.
count the two rows of scales on the underside of the snake If the total of the two rows is 130 or less then it's probably a girl.
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