How to Tenderize Alligator Meat?


There are many ways to tenderize alligator meat. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to defrost it as slowly as possible in the fridge. It can then be marinated and more after it is tenderized.
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1. Lay the alligator meat on a cutting board. 2. Trim all of the fat from the meat with a sharp knife. 3. Cut away the white tendons in the leg and body meat. 4. Pound the alligator
Is your meat a little on the insensitive side? Well, then it might need some tenderizing to help it get in touch with its feelings. Try a chemical tenderizer, marinating, or pounding
1. Choose a beer to use as the marinade. All beers contain potentially tenderizing enzymes, but the style of beer you select will have a dramatic impact on your food's flavor. Very
The main structural component of the muscle fibers in meat is myofibril, which is itself composed of thick and thin filaments. Higher-than-normal levels of salt cause these filaments
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How to Tenderize Alligator Meat
Certain areas of alligator meat requires tenderizing, such as the neck and leg area. The meat is used in various dishes, including soups and stews or as burgers for sandwiches. Low in fat, alligator provides a healthy alternative to more fatty meats.... More »
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Stew meat refers to meat cubes cut from cuts of meat like flank and circular roasts. The best way to tenderize stew meat is by braising it. This means cooking ...
I have friends in Louisiana that catch alligator with chicken meat. Put half of a raw chicken on a really big shark-type hook and drop it into the water. The ...
You can make spareribs tender by using a simple marinade. Select something that will eat away at the meat. A good example is something that contains vinegar. ...
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