How To Test A Automobile Ignition Condenser?


Most new vehicles do not have an engine capacitor. People who are restoring older model vehicles will however want to know how to test an automobile ignition condenser. In order to perform the test you will need a digital multimeter and a capacitor checker with test leads. Before you begin testing, you should inspect the condenser. If it is bulging then it needs to be replaced. If not then you need to locate the polarity of the capacitor. Now you will need to perform your tests with the multimeter by connecting to the positive and negative connections.
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using a dvom put your leads on the condenser on the 200 ohm scale and watch if the number rises. once you reach overload, switch the meter leads and it should climb back down. If
First, discharge the condenser by shorting the two ends with a piece of wire. Set your multimeter on resistance, and touch the probes to either end of the condenser. The meter should
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I would honestly take it to an auto parts store and have it tested there to be honest with you. However if you are capable of reading ohms on a tester, you can hook it to the condenser and see if it reads 200 ohms. If it doesn't it is shot anyhow. They do go out often which is why I said to take it in and have it tested. Just saves a few minutes of time.
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