How to Test a CDI Box?


The way to test a cdi box is to disconnect it from the engine. Once you have disconnected it, try starting the bike. This will let you know if the box is what's causing the problem.
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The CDI box, or Capacitor Discharge Ignition box, is one of the four components of the electric ignition system of an automobile. It can sometimes, but not always, be tested with
1. Ignition misfires can damage internal engine components. Unplug a secondary ignition cable or plug wire from the engine. Insert a new spark plug of the type recommended for your
tap on it with something then try starting it if it starts its the cdi box.
You need to use an ohm meter it should be at a certain resistance. Check your manual it should give you the acceptable values.
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To test a cdi box you will need to get a ohmmeter. It is also referred to as a multimeter on average they run around twenty dollars. There are more expensive ones but you can just the cheapest one.
Depending on what the actual problem is, a CDI box can be tested by using an ohmmeter, which is an instrument for measuring electrical resistance. However, the only truly effective way to test a CDI box is to swap it out with another CDI box that you know for sure is working. It needs to be the same model, make, and year. The function of a CDI box is to increase the power to the spark plugs, resulting in a more powerful spark.
The way to test a CDI box is to see if there is any power going to the box. You can test for power using a multimeter. If there is power you will more than likely need to replace the box.
You can test a CDI box, by using a light tester. Around the light tester to something metal. Touch the end of the light tester on the positive post of the box. If the boxes working the light tester will light up.
In order to test a CDI box you must cheak to see if it has enough resistance and in order to do that must use a OHM meter. If the CDI box does not have enough resistance it means that the box is no good and will need to be replaced.
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