How to Test a Motor Capacitor?


To test a motor capacitor it should first be disconnected. Once the capacitor has been removed, it can be tested using an Ohm meter. If it fails the test by not registering correctly, it will need to be replaced.
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1. Disconnect power to the electric motor. Locate the motor's starting capacitor. It's often mounted to the motor case. 2. Inspect the capacitor. If the capacitor is leaking, it is
Your two hot wires go to the load side of your contractor and the two brown wires go to your capacitor.
1. Turn on the digital multimeter by pressing the "On" button. 2. Turn the dial on the multimeter to the microfarad setting. 3. Place the positive lead of the multimeter
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In order to test a motor capacitor you will need to have a ohmmeter as well as hand tools. Removing the power from the electrical motor is the first step.
You can test a motor capacitor, by using a amp meter. Connect the amp meter to the posts on the capacitor. The amp meter should show you how many amps are passing through the capacitor.
In order to test a motor capacitor, you need to load and remove the compressor pump belt. The motor will start and spin quickly. In order to test the motor capacitor, you need to have the basic knowledge about auto mechanics.
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