How to Test AA Batteries?


If you want to save money by using batteries you have around the house you'll need to know how to test them it doesn't matter if you have AA batteries, C batteries or any other household battery. To test you'll need a multimeter. Set the meter to DVC scale. Next touch the positive end of the battery to the red probe and the negative end to the black probe. If the reading is 10% or more less than the original battery voltage (usually 1. 5 volts for an AA battery) than it is bad. Sorry! You can find more information at www. bobvila. com/HowTo_Library/Testing_Household_Batteries-Battery-F2238. html
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How to Test AA Batteries
AA batteries are used to run a lot of household electronics, including our prized possession--the remote control. Batteries typically have a two-year shelf life. If you've found a drawer full of AA batteries and aren't sure if you should toss or keep... More »
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1. Set the voltmeter or multimeter to the direct current (DC) setting. 2. Touch or connect the positive probe to the positive end of the AA battery. The positive probe of the voltmeter
1 Take an AA battery. Hold it between your fingers. Your friend should see that your fingers touch both terminals of the battery; Ad
To test the car battery you will need a voltmeter. You need to disconnect the car battery from the car. Using the voltmeter, connect the red lead to the positive side and the black
What are the ingredients in a AA battery?
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Double A, also commonly referred to as AA, batteries are a standard size of battery. This is most commonly used in portable electronic devices. An AA battery is ...
There are a many different types of batteries. Testing was done on double AAs and the one that lasted the longest was the Energizer Ultimate lithium. ...
If the AA battery is the rechargeable type, simply place it into a charger that is capable of charging AA's. Plug the charger into an electrical outlet and let ...
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