How to Test Sterling Silver at Home?


Many people find small treasures when they attempt to clean out their attics. If you have come across a metal object then you have to determine the type of metal. Many people are particularly interested in sterling silver items. You will need to test the item you have to see if it is sterling silver. You can start by looking at the markings on the item. If it is sterling silver then you will see that label on the item. It could also be shortened to steer. Another test involves placing a magnet near the item if it attracts then it is not sterling silver.
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1. Cut a length of the 20-gauge sterling silver wire to approximately half an inch longer than you would like the headpin. 2. Hold one end of the length of wire tightly with a pair
1. Cut a piece of sterling silver or other nonferrous metal wire and wrap it around a ring mandrel to form a ring in the size you need. For a thin ring, use 16 gauge wire. For a thicker
1. Clean the silver jewelry by rubbing with wire wool. The silver must be free of dirt, grime or tarnish. Otherwise, the solder will not melt properly into place. 2. Apply flux to
1. Check the silver marks and hallmarks. If the piece does not have an authenticating mark or is not clearly marked sterling or 9.25 or with similar known marks, it most likely is
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How to Test Sterling Silver at Home
Today, many people who own objects made of silver prefer to test these items themselves, to avoid paying a substantial fee for this service to a commercial jeweler. If you have silver and want to test its authenticity, you can do this fairly easily... More »
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To tell if a sterling tea set is real silver, check the silver marks and hallmarks. Then, use magnet to test for magnetism, silver is non-magnetic. After that, ...
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