How to Thicken Blood?


There are a variety of ways to naturally thicken your blood. One way is through your diet. Increase vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin K and vitamin C to help thicken your blood.
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There are several things that could cause your blood to thicken. Sometimes, your bone marrow can produce too much red blood cells and even dehydration can cause th eblood to thicken
1. Use a piece of plastic or wax paper and a brush to test the consistency and color of your batch of fake blood. This will give you an accurate peek at what it will look like on
mostly fruits or their juice can thicken ur blood
Vitamin K thickens the blood. !
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The best ways to thicken blood is to increase your intake of Vitamin K. You can do this either with a supplement or with foods that are rich in the vitamin. Vitamin ...
fatty greasy food. ...
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