How to thin polyurethane?


Polyurethane comes in oil or water-based formulas. To thin oil-based polyurethane for any reason, you'll need paint thinner. If a desire to thin the polyurethane is for a lighter or more controlled finishing process, a mix of 1 part thinner to 2 parts polyurethane is recommended. For an even thinner coat, a 50-50 ratio can be incorporated. The same premise applies to water-based polyurethane, but water is used as the thinning agent. A word of caution for either formula is that polyurethane can vary by manufacturer, so add the thinning agent in batches to prevent permanently compromising the ratio.
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To thin polyurethane, which is a oil-based product, you can mix it with mineral spirits or other types of solvents, such as Naptha and lacquer thinner. However, for best results, read the instructions that come with the polyurethane and use the recommend thinner for your particular product. You can find more information at
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