How to Throw a 75th Birthday Party?


Start by making the guest list and invite a good mix of both family and friends. Once they are ready, send out your invites and then find some CDs with popular tunes from the birthday persona's youth to play during the party. Finally do a little research to make some awesome visual aids for the party and since you`ve got the family together, use the opportunity to take memorable generation photos of all of you together.
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1. Start by making the guest list. Make sure that you invite a good mix of both family and friends. If you're not sure who to invite, ask around. If you're throwing the party for
1. Think of whom to invite. Unless it is a surprise party, it would be helpful to make the list with your parent there. 2. Find out who he or she would really like to invite. Any
1. Make or buy Spongebob SquarePants themed invitations. There are plenty of pre-printed cards available. To make your own, stamp, draw, color or use stickers to create a sea motif
1. When considering the type of invitation to announce your daughter's special day, the options are limitless. You could do a standard paper invitation; consider a multicolored posy
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How to Throw a 75th Birthday Party
By the time your grandparent or elderly friend reaches her 75th birthday she will have been to quite a few birthday parties in her time. Do something special to go beyond just the traditional cake and ice cream birthday party to throw a life celebration... More »
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A 75th birthday party typically consists of the color platinum, since the 75th year is often referred to as the platinum year. Decorations in silver tones would ...
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