How to Throw a Benefit Concert?


To throw a benefit concert, the first step is advertising. Make flyers, banners, call newspapers and radio stations. Make sure you give all of the information about the benefit.
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1. Organize a committee. The more people you have involved in planning your benefit, the more experience, ideas and contacts you bring to the project, and the less work you have to
1 Formulate a theme. Since many organizations do benefits, you need some sort of gimmick that makes your organization stand a part from the others, something intriguing that will
Build your team. Put together a host committee. You don’t have to do this alone. It’s going to take a lot of organizing and leg work so get some people on board that are
This event benifits Theo Epstien's 'a foundation to be named later', and 'the jimmy fund'.
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The best way to throw a concert is to hire a band that can play something that will draw a crowd. Rent a area out that will allow plenty of people to have room ...
Throwing a benefit or fundraiser is easy to do with a lot of help. You need to advertise and sell tickets. Getting food donated is the best option because you ...
To organize a benefit concert, first set your budget. Now choose the venue and hire your entertainment. Hand out flyers and begin collecting money at the door! ...
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