How to Throw a Fondue Party?


I love throwing fondue parties! It's good to have at least pot for each course, so that you don't have to clean pots between courses. The cheese should be served first, then a side salad. Next comes your meat and vegetables. You serve the chocolate at the end! Make sure you have enough dippers for everyone to have plenty! For more information look here: Fondue Party Tips;
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How to Throw a Fondue Party
Fondue parties were a social staple of the '70s and are still a good way to spend an evening with friends today. Gather a small group together to enjoy some decadent dinner and dessert fondue and conversation. Put together a party that everyone will... More »
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1. Purchase or get out your fondue pot. If you don't have one already, buy an electric one for convenience. The older models use a candle to heat the fondue, and the newer ones are
1 Select a range of fondues that please you. Ad 2 Set them out in a row on a table that is long and covered in a tablecloth. 3 Place fondue forks at convenient intervals. 4 Cut up
To throw a hotel party is simple. Make resevations at a hotel. Next get an invitation list made, invite the people, set a time and date corresponding to your resevation, make sure
Learning how to throw a casino theme party can be a great way to raise funds, celebrate a birthday or just have fun for no special reason at all. If you know how to throw a casino
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You will need to decide where you are wanting to have the party. Then pick a time to have it. Send out the invites and include what will be served on the invite. ...
Fondue parties are a great way to entertain guests. Setting up for the fondue party is easy. You need to decide what kind of fondue you are going to make such ...
To throw a quiet party schedule activities that are not loud. Card games and board games can make a quiet party fun. ...
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