How to Tie a Chefs Knot?


To tie a chef's knot, all you have to do is drape your handkerchief over your neck with the left end in the left hand and the right end in the right hand. Wrap the right end over the top of the left end, pull it under and then through the hole. Make sure when you finish, the end that was originally in your right hand is still in your right hand. Tighten your first knot a bit, and then take the left end and pass it over and under the right end, bringing it through the hole created. Just tighten it and you have a chef's knot. Here's more detailed instructions on tying a chef's knot. And here's a video explaining how to tie the knot.
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How to Tie a Chef's Knot
A chef's knot is a knot used to tie a handkerchief around a chef's neck as a decorative accessory as well as a sweat-absorbing cloth. Learn to tie a decorative chef's knot with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.... More »
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You need a square scarf and the patients it takes to learn to tie it. It is not very difficult with good instructions. Give this a try.
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