How to tie a mooring hitch knot?


Video Transcript. This is the great Mooring hitch. This is very classic. This is used for tying small boats, if they are going to be rocking in the wind, low tide, high tide, whatever. If you look down here I've got my hitch set up that I'm going to
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How to Tie a Mooring Hitch knot
Learn how to tie a correct Mooring hitch knot for hiking, climbing, or sailing in this free knot tying video clip.... More »
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Have you heard of the trucker’s hitch knot? Well, strictly speaking, it is a good knot. Creating some slippery hitches essentially forms it. Since it has been used widely, it
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The half hitch is one of the most often used knots there are. Once you learn it you can move on to master more complex knots as the half hitch is the basis of ...
There are several types of hitches. The particular one needed may be called something different for other uses. Knots can be useful but also dangerous if misused ...
1. Hook your rope around a tree, post, pole or even around your leg if you want to practice this knot. 2. Make one side of the rope shorter than the other. In ...
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