How to Tie a Pompano Rig?


In order to tie a pompano rig you will need to cut 24 inches of 20 to 25 pound line. You will need to make a basic clinch knot to connect the regular swivel to the end of the line. Next you need to make a snap swivel knot on the other end. Now it is time to cut two more pieces of line. Each piece will be 8 inches long. You will need to attach hooks to both pieces. Now you need to attach a hook to the first line that you cut. You will need add additional hooks every 8 inches down the line.
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1. Cut a 2-foot section of 50-lb. test line. Tie a black swivel to both ends. Secure the 1/2-oz. egg sinker to the end of one swivel. This is your main line. 2. Cut two 1-foot pieces
Carolina is for bottom fishing. Basically it allows the weight to slide up and down while the a bead keeps the not from untying. The rig allows fisherman to fish in holes, under rocks
1. Tie a small swivel to the end of your line. Use a palomar knot. Ad. 2. Tie to that a three foot piece of leader of about 30 lbs test. Use an improved clinch knot. At the end of
First, take around two feet of twelve pound line. Tie on a number three or four wide gap bass hook. Then, take a plastic bead, and slide onto main line, followed by an egg sinker,
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