How do you tie a neckerchief?


The basic way to tie a neckerchief in Navy style involves first laying the neckerchief under the collar and adjusting it so that the right end (A) is approximately 2 inches longer than the left end (B), as stated by Lovetoknow Men's Fashion.

First, cross A over B under the point of the shirt's "V". Next, pull A up and over toward the left, and cross it over B to form a loop. Then, pull the neckerchief up through the loop. Lastly, tie a square knot so that the top of the knot is even with the "V" of the shirt. Tying a square knot is similar to tying two shoelace knots one on top of the other, explains Lovetoknow Men's Fashion. To tie a neckerchief in a simpler way, fold a large handkerchief or bandanna into a triangle, rolling it slightly so that it sits more firmly against the neck. Then, tie a knot comfortably, not too loose or too tight, in the front. The neckerchief can then be rolled completely, and the roll secured with thread to keep it in place; or as an option for more practicality and style, some fabric can be left hanging out, suggests Lovetoknow Men's Fashion.

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