How to Tie Dye a Shirt with Food Coloring?


To tie dye a shirt with food coloring, you will need a white cotton shirt and your chosen dye color. Simply add the dye to a vat of water. Knot the shirt in different areas and soak in the dye until desired color is achieved.
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1. Consider using actual clothing dye. Food coloring works well for food, but it can bleed and fade quickly in clothing, and it can only be used with certain fabrics. Follow the link
1 Take some large buckets or bowls outside, or into a garage ...someplace where making a mess won't be a problem... and fill them with water. 2 Add some sort of dye or bleach (if
1. Mix 2 gallons of hot water with 1 gallon of white vinegar in the large bucket to prepare a soaking solution. Place the clean white sheet in the solution and let it soak for 30
1. Rinse the shirt with cold water from a sink or hose. You should have rinsed the tie-dye shirt after the initial dyeing, but if it was not, it needs to be rinsed with cold water
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How to Make Tie Dye Shirts With Food Coloring
Food coloring is a great way for kids to tie dye. Although it doesn't necessarily hold as well as other sorts of dyes, it is kid-safe and requires little supervision. Soaking the shirts in salt water after tie dying and washing them in cool water will... More »
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