How do you check yourself for head lice?


If you suspect you have somehow acquired the notoriously itchy head lice, it is possible to check yourself for them without assistance from others. Find a mirror in a room with good lighting. Use a comb to part your hair. Examine the hair in small sections by using a magnifying glass along with the mirror. Lice are sensitive to light and will try to run into a darker location. Also check for nits near the roots.
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Brush all the tangles and snarls out of the persons hair before you attempt to check for head lice. Sit the person you will be checking down in a area with comfortable seating and
You need to get a nit comb. One of the metal ones work best. And no, nits do NOT look like dandruff. So it doesn't matter how much of that you have in your hair, you can tell a nit
If you need to identify head lice, remember you are not necessarily looking for the actual insects themselves. While it is possible you may see one or two of the sesame seed-sized
1 Get a bottle of pediculicide (lice shampoo). You'll be able to find pediculicides over the counter, or you can get a prescription from a doctor. Get one bottle to treat someone
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