How to to Make a Ear Out of Clay?


To make an ear out of clay, you will need to be artistically able. Have a picture of an ear right next to you so you can sculpt it accordingly. I suggest taking a sculpting art class at your local college.
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Video Transcript. Ok now I have the basic shape of my head. I've got the eyes, nose the lips and I'm going to do the ears and I really just need to make a really little ear for this
Accessorizing does not need to be expensive. If you love ear gauge jewelry, you can make your own by using polymer clay. Polymer clay is inexpensive, and is available in most art
You are going to love this link. It shows the ear and inner ear and you cam move it around with your mouse. It gives you a 3-D view.
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In my opinion to make an ear out of clay you should first take a decent amount of clay. Roll the clay into a ball then squish the clay so that it becomes flat. Shape the clay into the shape of an ear. Take a toothpick and draw the lines of the ear.
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A model of the ear can be useful in teaching and learning the functions of the ear. You can build a model by using clay. Using colored clay can help color code ...
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