How to Tone down Yellow Hair?


To tone down yellow hair, apply a violet-based toner to your hair when your hair is damp and leave it for the specified time then rinse. Apply a mixture of a colour gloss and a violet tone with a 20 volume developer and leave it for about 30 minutes before rinsing. Apply an ash based medium blond hair dye to starting at the roots of your hair then rinse thoroughly with warm water before washing and conditioning it with a blue toned shampoo and conditioner.
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1. Apply a violet-based toner to your hair. Violet is the opposite of yellow on the color scale, and violet-based toners reduce yellow tones and brassiness. Follow the instructions
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1. Try washing your hair with a purple toned shampoo, as this will help tone out the yellow. Ad. 2. Use head & shoulders as it strips colour. 3. Buy a purple toner and use it
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How to Tone Down Yellow Hair
Brassy yellow hair is not flattering to most people; these are not the sunny blond locks desired by many. Yellow hair is often the result of a home bleaching gone wrong. If you have gold undertones in your hair, and bleach was not left on long enough,... More »
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To get yellow tones out of one’s hair, one could try Blonde Ambition Dual Action Mousse which combines breakthrough violet anti-brassiness tone-corrector ...
Blue-tinted toners can be purchased in stores to counteract the yellow tones. However, an all-natural hair toning rinse can be created from items found in your ...
A hair toner is a pastel colour that is used to defuse or cover unnecessary tones in lightened hair. It can be used to wrap yellow tones from bleached hair and ...
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