How to Train a Pitbull to Fight?


Training a pitbull to fight is illegal. Thus, you are not supposed to train a pitbull to fight. Moreover, pitbull is not a good breed to train for fighting either.
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It is not good to train a pit bull to fight this a breed with a bad reputation in the first place and doing this to the dog is feeding in to the stereotype as well as guaranteeing
It is extremely inhumane, and illegal, to raise and train a Dog to fight. This poor misunderstood breed has suffered more than any other at the hands of irresponsible humans. Surely
1. Purchase a medium-sized, durable crate that the pit bull can grow into if it is a puppy. For a puppy, purchase a crate divider to make the crate smaller. It can be adjusted as
1. Commit to a rigorous workout regimen. Professional fighters train for months before so much as entering a ring; amateur fighters should try to do the same to not only reach their
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You won't like my answer, but it is cruel to the dog and dangerous to humans and other animals to train a dog to fight. The dogs are meant to be a friend and a companion.
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