How to Train a Pitbull to Fight?


Training a pitbull to fight is illegal. Thus, you are not supposed to train a pitbull to fight. Moreover, pitbull is not a good breed to train for fighting either.
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It is extremely inhumane, and illegal, to raise and train a Dog to fight. This poor misunderstood breed has suffered more than any other at the hands of irresponsible humans. Surely
1. Select a training program as soon as you purchase your new pit bull. Follow this program rigorously. The one explained here discusses basic procedures, with a focus on how to maintain
Dog fighting has been known to happen for as long as man has had domesticated dogs, and it so happens that certain breeds were specifically created for dog fighting. Pitbull fighting
It is illegal to have dog fighting rings.
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You won't like my answer, but it is cruel to the dog and dangerous to humans and other animals to train a dog to fight. The dogs are meant to be a friend and a companion.
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You will need alot of patience when you are training you dog to fight. You will need some treats for when they do a good job. You really should not train your ...
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