How to Train a Pomeranian?


To train a pomeranian, you need to start the training session as early as you can. It is best to start when they are very young with no bad habits. Train the pomeranian frequently and reward it after a successful training session.
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How to Train a Pomeranian
Pomeranians are a popular dog breed. Originally bred from larger Arctic sled dogs, Pomeranians are now primarily used as family companions. Pomeranians are small, but they can benefit from training just as much as any other breed of dog.... More »
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It is best to train a Pomeranian while it is still young. You will need a collar, a lead, some treats and a crate. Never keep it in the crate as punishment. You can find more information here:
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Pomeranians have a mind of their own and once that mind is made up, that's it. This beautiful little dog can be as stubborn as..well..a mule!!! It takes a lot of time and patience
1. Place your pomeranian in a crate when you are not home or able to provide supervision. Purchase a crate that is only big enough for your pom to stand up and turn around in. 2.
1 Come up with a code word with your pom going to the bathroom any thing from "Go pee pee", "Go potty", "Go to the bathroom", "Lets go pee pee"
Hi, Using a crate is the easiest method. In a nutshell, here are the basic steps: 1. Take time off to housetrain your puppy. 2. Start using a crate the day you bring her home. 3.
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Pomeranian puppies are very small in size which makes them hard to train. To train Pomeranian puppies, take them to new places to meet new people so as to socialize ...
Be patient and consistent. Take your pomeranian out after every meal and nap. Praise him a lot when he does the right thing, maybe offer a favorite treat or toy. ...
1. The first step is to begin with a happy dog. Your Pomeranian will not submit to your commands if he/she is not in an agreeable mood. Do not attempt this after ...
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