How to Train a Drug Dog.?


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Patience is the most important thing to remember. You have to show the dog that you are the master, but make sure to praise and give a treat when they do good. You can find more information
No. Dogs are trained to identify and discriminate between different odors such as
Learning how to train dogs to listen is an important part of basic dog training. A dog comes when called when it's in the dog's interest. That's only natural. If you're calling a
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To train a drug dog can take a lot of time and patience. Your dog will have to go through some basic training first. Then they will start to learn to recognize ...
1. Practice general obedience commands with your dog before moving on to drug-sniffing training. Teach your dog how to walk at a normal pace, fast page and slow ...
1. A German Shepherd has characteristics necessary to perform as a drug detection dog. Some dogs are better suited to drug detection than others, so start by selecting ...
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