How to Transfer a Domain Name?


Transferring a domain name to a new hosting service can be done by the new hosting service. They will walk you through the process of authorizing the transfer from the old registrar. For more information look here:;
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1. Log into your Go Daddy account. 2. Click "My Accounts" and choose "Domain Names. 3. Click "Manage Domains" and select the domain you wish to transfer before
1 Contact the registrar where you registered your domain. You may need to be able to verify who you are by responding to an email sent to the address that you used when you completed
Ryan is correct. A bit more color: There is no technical protocol that would allow you to transfer a domain between registrars without adding a year to your registration. So, if
There are a few web domain sites that will allow you to do name transfers. One of these sites would be godaddy. Others include cosmotown and buydomains.
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Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the 'http' you see at the beginning of of a URL. The domain name refers to the specific domain you will navigate to (i.e. Yahoo ...
In order for you to transfer ownership of a domain name you will need to transfer it with the registration database. One of the easiest ways to do a domain transfer ...
In order to change ownership of a domain name that is privately held, you must transfer the domain name to the new owner. This can be done through the control ...
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